Savy Caregiver

Savvy Caregiver Plus

A special 7-week evidence-based course for family caregivers who are a critically important part of the healthcare and well-being for individuals with dementia.

“I am amazed at how much better I feel since I started this program!  It was very thoughtful, helpful, and strong in resources and has given me the tools and knowledge I need to navigate the challenges ahead.”  …class participant


About Savvy Caregiver Plus:

  • Meets 2 ½ hours per week for seven weeks
  • Free class with respite care arranged on request
  • Small group (8 – 14 participants)
  • Presented by an experienced professional

Benefits of Savvy Caregiver Plus:

  • Gain personal knowledge, skills and caregiving perspective
  • Skills to assess abilities of their loved one with dementia
  • Confidence to set and alter caregiving goals
  • Strategies to manage activities of daily living
  • Understand the disease progression
  • Essential abilities to attend to self-care
  • How to build a healthcare partnership with professional care providers

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Classes presented by the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter