Brochures & Handouts

Advance Health Care Directive 
Aging Under the Microscope - NIA Report
Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet (
English, Spanish)
Amsler Grid for Macular Degeneration
Caregiver Self-Assessment
Cooking for One or Two 
Cover Your Cough (
English, other Languages)
Craving Journal (Smoking)  
Creating Printed Health Materials for Older Adults
Diabetes in Older People (
English, Spanish
Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension: DASH Eating Plan
Down with Falls Coalition Pamphlet (
English, Spanish, Vietnamese)
Down with Falls Coalition Home Safety Checklist (
English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Down with Falls Coalition Stay Balanced
Down with Falls Coalition Fall Risk Self-Assessment (
English, Spanish, Vietnamese)
Eating Alone at Any Age 
Everyday Guide to Physical Activity (
English, Spanish
Facing the Facts: End of Life Issues
Get the Flu Shot (
English, Spanish
6 Ways to Reduce Your Flu Risk 
Handwashing Information
How to Choose an Age-Friendly Gym
How to Plan Meals that are Balanced and Varied
It's Never Too Late to Quit Smoking 
Macular Degeneration Fact Sheet
Medicines: Use Them Safely (English, Spanish)
My Medication Chart
Older Adult Food Pyramid
Quit Smoking Checklist 
Shingles Pamphlet
Smell and Taste: The Spice of Life 
Stay Cool: Hot Weather Tips
Super Foods
Talking with Your Doctor (English, Spanish)
Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth (
English, Spanish
Ten Tips for a Long and Healthy Life 
Tips for Caregivers 
Tips for Seniors in Emergency Situations 
Vaccination Fact Sheet 

Office on Aging Articles

Active Today For A Healthy Tomorrow!
Admit It. Caregiving
is a Job. 
Are you at Risk For Dehydration?
Cancer: Don't Let Your Colon Get The Best of You!
Burning Off Those Holiday Calories (English, Spanish & Vietnamese)
Caring for Your Older Family Member (English, Spanish & Vietnamese)
Start the New Year Ready for Anything: File of Life
Preserve Your Brain by Eating Healthy. (English, Spanish & Vietnamese) 
Emergency Preparedness 
Extreme Heat Warnings: How to Stay Safe in This Heat
Alcohol Awareness 
Chronic Disease Self-Management
Would You Know if You Had a Heart Attack? 
Technology Helping Seniors. (English, Spanish & Vietnamese)
The STR in Stroke Could Save Your Life 
Immunization Awareness
A Carrot a Day Keeps the Eye Doctor Away
Macular Degeneration
Medication Safety
Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Supplements: Good or Bad?
A Healthy Brain is a Happy Brain
Fall Prevention Kits
Fall Prevention Week 2015 (English, Spanish & Vietnamese)
Flu Season Is Here! 2015 (English, Spanish & Vietnamese)
Medication Safety
Safety When Its Dark
Play to Stay Healthy
Prevention or Treatment: It's Often Up to You
Winter Holiday Safety Tips (ENGLISHSPANISH)