Walk with Ease

    The Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program is a 6-week evidenced-based program. It was developed to help individuals create and implement a walking plan to meet their particular needs. People with any chronic condition who can be on their feet without increased pain for 10 minutes can benefit from this program. Walk with Ease was created in order to help boost participant energy, reduce stress and control weight.

    "When I started the program, I was afraid to walk very far because of my knee pain. But Walk with Ease helped me start slow and gradually build up. Now I am confident in my ability to walk easily without making my arthritis worse." -- class participant


    About Walk with Ease

    • Meets 3 times a week for 6 weeks
    • Sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour (consist of a short discussion session and a walk) 
    • Small group (12-15 participants)
    • Peer-led (non-health care professional) self-management workshop
    • Promotes empowerment by teaching behavior management
    • Addresses topics such as:
           o Pain management
           o Exercise and stretching safety
           o Proper clothing and shoes
           o Self-monitoring for physical problems         
           o Overcoming barriers to physical activity         
           o Goal setting

    Benefits of Walk With Ease

    • Motivate yourself to get in great shape
    • Walk safely and comfortably
    • Improve your flexibility, strength and stamina
    • Reduce pain and feel great
    • Learn about other community resources

    For more information on this program, click here.

    Walk With Ease Participant Online Tools The first phase of the Walk With Ease online tools allow participants to log in to access interactive versions of the contract, starting-point and ending-point self-tests. The self-tests offer the option to compare starting and ending points to easily see progress.

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