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Orange County Area Plan

The purpose of the Area Plan is to assess the present and future economic and demographic characteristics of seniors in Orange County, the existing service system, and the operations, role, mission and specific goals and objectives of the Office on Aging.

The process of preparing an Area Plan provides an opportunity to reflect and effectively focus the activities of the Office on Aging by involving older individuals, their families and care providers. It provides a format and structure to identify needs and options for addressing issues of concern in a manner consistent with the broad focus of the Older Americans Act and the Older Californians Act.

The Area Plan is a document that not only fulfills the mandates set forth in law, but also informs the public and policy-makers on how the Office on Aging plans to address local needs and assess its effectiveness in accomplishing stated goals and objectives.


Orange County Area Plan update

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Orang County Report on Older Adults

Over 450,000 older adults (aged 65 and older) account for 14.3% of Orange County’s population. By 2045, this number is projected to increase to 17.3%. As more adults reach retirement, they will face a new set of economic, social, health, and lifestyle challenges associated with aging. Currently, Orange County is not in a position to provide adequate support and care to meet the needs and challenges of this inevitably growing aging population.

This report is intended to educate community-based organizations, city and county government representatives, funders and the general public on the most pressing needs of Orange County’s aging population. REPORT

Older Adult Profile 2016

As part of their work on the older adult health priority area, the Orange County Healthy Aging Initiative presents the Orange County Older Adult Profile. This report provides an overview of the health and wellbeing of Orange County's older adults by highlighting key health, social, and economic indicators.


Condition of Older Adults Report

In April of 2002, the first Report on the Condition of Older Adults was released in Orange County. The 2002 Conditions Report contained useful information regarding key indicators about older adults in Orange County, categorized into the broad groups of population, economics, housing, transportation, civic and social engagement, health status, health risks and behaviors, mental health, and health care.

This 2003 Conditions Report updates any salient information on key indicators from the 2002 Conditions Report, and provides new information on the most recently released studies.

Because of its timeliness and wide impact on Orange County older adults, the 2003 Conditions Report also takes an expanded look at family caregiving.

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2003 County of Orange Services for Seniors

Identification of Resources & Gaps in Service

The population of older adults is among the fastest growing in Orange County. In order to plan effectively for the needs of this growing segment of the population, an inventory of county-operated services currently available to Orange County's older adults was taken and gaps in those services have been documented. 


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