About Us

Orange County’s Office on Aging serves as the lead advocate for approximately 780,000 older adults aged 60 years and older residing in the county, with a specific focus on low-income ethnic minorities. As an advocate, the Office on Aging is responsible for understanding the needs of Orange County’s older adults and utilizing the federal funding and programs available to meet those requirements. In addition, the Office on Aging is charged with directing or participating in coalitions to drive new ideas, services, and legislation in support of Older Adults. Finally, the department is to take a proactive view and help those in the senior services industry, public and private, plan for the future needs of this populace.


Orange County is the best place in America to age with dignity.


To ensure that Orange County's older adults experience a high quality of life characterized by independence, safety, health, transportation, appropriate nutrition and social activity.

Long-Term Goals

Our long-term goals are to:

  • Improve access of Orange County’s older adults to nutritious food
  • Improve transportation for Orange County’s older adults
  • Improve the health and safety of Orange County’s older adults
  • Improve Orange County’s older adults’ access to appropriate and affordable housing
  • Improve the ability of Orange County’s older adults to be active, productive, and experience social interaction.

Our Customers

The Office on Aging provides information and facilitates services for Orange County's approximately 600,000 seniors 60 years and older and their caregivers. Orange County seniors comprise about 8% of California’s senior population, which is expected to double in the next twenty years (US Census 2000).