In-Home Services

As they age, most people wish to stay in familiar surroundings and remain involved with their community and family. In-home care services are a cost-effective healthcare alternative. Services may include medical care, equipment, homemaker services, chore services, home maintenance or repairs, companion services, counseling and rehabilitation, telephone reassurance, and emergency response systems. These services may be provided hourly, weekly, monthly, or another personally-arranged schedule.

Respite care involves having a trained individual take over the caregiver role for short periods, in or out of the home, to alleviate some of the burden for the caregiver. Some sources are paid; some are voluntary. Temporary substitutes give caregivers the freedom to go out of town, take vacations, get haircuts or go to doctor's appointments. Medicare and most insurance policies do not cover respite care costs. Medicaid will cover the cost of short-term stays in nursing homes and for adult day care but only for those who meet financial and functional qualifications.

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